NETIO Cloud is an ideal solution for remote control and restarting. NETIO Cloud is a paid service that NETIO products a.s., manufacturer of smart power socket devices, offers to its customers

With NETIO Cloud, any electrical appliance powered from a power output of a NETIO device can be switched on/off or power-cycled over the Web. There is no limit to the number of NETIO devices connected to the Cloud.

Have you ever wasted two hours driving to a remote site and back just to press a RESET button? Save your time – use NETIO Cloud.

  • One webpage can control dozens and hundreds of electrical power outputs.
  • NETIO Cloud is a well-secured and reliable service provided by the manufacturer for a fee.
  • With each NETIO device, the customer receives a “Welcome credit” for about 3 years of operation in the NETIO Cloud free of charge.
    Welcome credit will be loaded automatically the first time you connect your device to your account.

How does NETIO Cloud work?

Each user has a unique account at

One user account can be linked to an unlimited number of devices.

Each output can be switched on/off or power-cycled over the Web.

However, each device can be connected to one NETIO Cloud account only.

All outputs are visible on a single screen.

The web page with the controls can be viewed on any device, including a mobile phone.

For metered outputs, the service displays up-to-date overall consumption readings (kWh) and also measured load In the Premium version.

NETIO Cloud generates a daily billing report (credit usage) for individual devices.

There is an event log that displays billing details for the last 24 hours.

Every output and every device can be given a name and assigned to a defined group.

Outputs can be sorted by groups (buildings, location, customer type, …).

It is possible to turn on the “Connection Alarm” for each device, which sends a notification to the specified email address that the device has lost/re-established connection.

The premium version allows you to send email alerts for individual outputs. This alarm is defined in the device with use of local conditions (Rules).

NETIO Cloud Premium

The basic NETIO Cloud service can be extended for individual outputs by activating NETIO Cloud Premium. Premium is paid daily from the credit deposited in the user account.

In addition to basic functions, the Premium version includes the option of displaying power measurements, alarming for individual outputs and exporting measurement history in csv format.

Premium further reduces the response time to a connection loss of individual device from 35 minutes to 2 minutes.

The price for Netio Cloud Premium is fixed for each output for each day of use.

NETIO Cloud pricing

NETIO Cloud uses a credit system to charge the costs of individual devices.
  • The standard NETIO Cloud charges for each individual transaction.
    The price is based on the number of device outputs a connection quality (for unstable connections the price is higher), see terms of service.
    The service costs around €0.6 per month per device on average.
  • NETIO Cloud Premium is an extension of the basic service, it costs a fixed price (number of credits) per output. The credits are deducted every day of use.
    The price of the Premium mode is approximately 3€ per month for one output.
  • After connecting a new device to the NETIO Cloud service, a “Welcome Credit” is granted as a promotional benefit from NETIO products company for its customers.
    • Welcome Credit lasts for about 3 years of service for devices in the Standard version.
    • Welcome Credit lasts for about 2-3 months for one output in the NETIO Cloud Premium.
  • The service stops working when the credit in the user account drops to 0 credits.
    The service notifies the user several times by e-mail that the credit value is too low.
  • User credit can be purchased from NETIO distributors or at the NETIO products online shop.

Detailed price list of NETIO Cloud + Premium is available in the Cloud service help menu(?) at the top of the screen.
A useful tool is the “Billing” section where you can find a list of devices + deducted credit for each in your account.

Security / technical specifications

  • Devices are connected to NETIO Cloud over SSL secured protocl MQTTs (TLS), Installation proces using HTTPs.
  • Firewall settings
    To connect device with NETIO Cloud, stable MQTTs outgoing connection is required (port 8883).
    Device installation / management proces require HTTPs outgoing connections (port 443).
    Primary and back-up servers for the NETIO Cloud service are located in EU.

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