Monitor Audio Creator

British High-Fidelity Architectural Sound Redefined The Creator Series re-writes the rules of custom installation. A smart, tiered range of high-performance, installer-friendly in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers that delivers better sound for customers, and enhanced flexibility and clarity for installers. The application of key Monitor Audio acoustic technologies more usually found in our premium standalone loudspeakers ensures lifelike, pristine sound, while innovative features and a comprehensive, clearly defined range make for hassle-free installation. If you thought you knew custom installation, think again; Creator Series redefines British high-fidelity architectural sound.


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Hembiobutiken Göteborg + Stockholm

Ljudshopen Nord Skellefteå
Reference Audio  Stockholm

BRL 7 locations

Ha-ges Stockholm

Takt & Ton Luleå

HiFi Skåne Malmö

Reptil Audio Asarum/Karlshamn

Ljudcenter Halmstad

RC Ljud & Bild Umeå

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